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Interview avec Coma Cluster Void

  Il y a quelques mois, j'ai été contacté par Mind Eraser PR sur ma page Facebook. Mind Eraser est une firme assurant la promotion d'albums de Metal, plus précisément le technical et le progressif. C'est ainsi qu'Austin Weber (un membre de la firme) m'a envoyé une demande d'interview concernant un de leur client du moment : un groupe de death metal dissonant nommé Coma Cluster Void.

C'est donc très enthousiaste que j'ai accepté de faire l'interview, d'autant plus que c'est la première fois que je questionne un groupe étranger ! Voici donc mon entretien (en anglais dans le texte, facile à comprendre) avec Coma Cluster Void


-Can you briefly present the band ?

Chris: We're an international band with members from Germany, USA, and Canada. The members are Mike DiSalvo (Ex-Cryptopsy, Akurion) and Austin Taylor (Dimensionless) on vocals, myself (Thoren) on the Drums, Sylvia Hinz (XelmYa) on Bass and John Strieder on Guitars.


-Your music is kind of weird, how would you describe your genre ?

John: For us, our music is the most normal thing in the world. We are writing our own favourite music ;) Coma Cluster Void is rooted in Old School Death Metal, but we use elements of lots of other genres, like Math, Thrash, Doom, Grind, even Power Metal, and fuse it into our own language. Someone wrote, we transcend the genre of metal ...

Sylvia: We didn't start the band to sound like someone else, that's for sure ;)


-I heard you're using a Agile 10 string guitar, in which tuning are you ?

John: For Coma Cluster Void (and predecessor projects) I use something fans have called "dissonant tuning“. This enables me to write in my Style for the instrument, instead of against the instrument. The tuning is as follows: C F# G E F B C G# C# D.


-What do you think of the actual trend of modern/progressive/djent bands using more and more strings ? Do you think a lower tune makes you sound heavier ?

John: Well, certainly a good thing for my wallet, since that trend made is easy to find a company building an affordable 10-string for my needs ;)

Sylvia: We are not really interested in trends. The moment when something becomes a trend, it has already passed its zenith.

John: Crowbar tune in B standard since 1988, and it's as heavy as it gets. But playing almost an octave lower, gives another timbre, it has a rawer, bleaker vibe which I love.


-Are you going to play in France, one day ?

Sylvia: There are no plans for a CCV tour yet, but XelmYa might come your way sooner or later ;)

Merci au groupe pour sa rapidité et à Austin Weber.

Pour écouter l'album Mind Cemeteries, c'est ici

Interview avec Coma Cluster Void
Interview avec Coma Cluster Void

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